Jero Nyoman & Sami Arsa – Balinese Ceremonial Umbrellas

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Meet Jero Nyoman and Sami Arsa – Balinese Ceremonial Umbrellas

About Jero Nyoman & Sami Arsa

Meet Jero Nyoman and Sami Arsa from Banjar Munggu, Mengwi. They leant to make Balinese ceremonial umbrellas, which are very integrated into their culture, from their families who have been making the umbrellas for many years.

They require allot of precision to set the fabric onto the frame, otherwise the overall shape of the umbrella will not look good and the umbrella will not work properly.

The part of the process they enjoy the most, is working with different types of fabrics in multiple colors and finishes and seeing the final result once it all comes together and the fabric is set onto the frame.

They are very proud, because ceremonial umbrellas are not only used for religious ceremonies locally in Bali but also enjoyed in homes and by many people all over the world.


Balinese Umbrellas

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