Wayan Malini

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Meet Wayan Malini – Keben Basket Maker

About Wayan Malini

Meet Wayan Malini, she was born and grew up in the beautiful Petulu Ubud, Bali.

Her skills were passed down to her through her parents, who lovingly taught her this traditional art from a young age. These charming handwoven and painted baskets (keben), are part of the Balinese culture, used to carry offerings to the gods for daily prayers at temple. Walking around the streets and villages in Bali you will often see woman carrying these on their heads in delightful colours and patterns. The process begins with sourcing the sustainable bamboo, cutting it to size and drying it in the sun, thereafter the careful hand weaving begins. Wayans’s favourite part of creating the baskets, is adding the magical colours and patterns which bring the baskets to life. The neighbours In her village come together to and collaborate when orders come in. She is very proud to know that her handmade baskets are shared all over the world and enjoyed outside of Indonesia.

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