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Meet Pilgrimage Spaces

Pilgrimage Spaces is a socially motivated lifestyle store born out of love and passion for travel and adventure to off the beaten track places, exotic cultures, colour, texture, craftsmanship and all that is authentic in life. We carefully and lovingly hand select all our products from Indonesia and India. These pieces stand out to us as having a sense of containing real soul of their origin, which we hope will reflect into the spaces where they will find a home. The products are handcrafted, relying mainly on the skills of the artisans, using techniques passed down from generation to generation. This makes each unique, with no two the same. We find beauty in this imperfection. Our foundations are firmly built on are design, quality, uniqueness and integrity. We cater for people seeking authentic, responsibly sourced designs rich with artistic tradition, creativity and craftsmanship.

Our Story

As with all good stories, it begins with journeys seeking adventure and wonder in far off lands. Particularly capturing our hearts were Indonesia and India. We are drawn to the rawness, richness and difference in perspective of life these places have to offer. It is in these places that we are able to soak in the authenticity of a more simple and wholesome existence. Looking around, we were seduced by the colours, patterns, texture and craftsmanship. Unfortunately all travel long adventures come to an end and home and reality beckons. But something is always missing back home and there is always talk of when our next adventure will be. This is how the idea for Pilgrimage Spaces was born. We aim to share these exotic journeys with others, capturing their essence and stories through the treasures and artisanal products which reflect a personal story of their makers and wider narratives the cultures and landscapes which inspire them.

Artisanal goods which celebrate life through their stories, colour, texture, and craftsmanship

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